About the Site

About Me:

I’m in my early-20s, female, and a bookworm. That last one is obvious from this blog but, hey, the obvious is important! I enjoy reading for many reasons, the biggest of which is that reading is the most pleasurable of entertainment, better than movies but ties with music. I can’t choose between those two!

I live in a major city so that might color my views if that explains anything. I belong to the local library and I always spend a lot of time reading all the titles before selecting one or two that I think I might like. Usually my picks are pretty spot-on to what I like except it’s annoying that I take my sweet time with it. It’s not unusual for me to go to the library and spend an hour or more just browsing.

I have a very particular taste for the books that I end up loving, but my “taste” consists of 2 simple requirements: well-written characters and a satisfying plot. I don’t like preachy books or stereotypical setups and I am especially against cheap melodrama.

What else do people write in these things?

I’m not in the book or publishing industry. In fact, I’m nowhere close. I thought of making a career out of it but I decided against it, for no other reason than I’d like to try other careers first. I’m young enough that I can circle back if life ends up that way. That’s how I justify it.

I am interested in the state of the industry though. There are many debates on publishing and print industry, whether it is declining for example, and I attempt to keep up because it fascinates me. What will happen if everyone adopts e-books? Would the print book just become a remnant form of technology, like the tablet? Would anyone miss it? Would people who love it insist on using outdated technology? Very interesting questions.

About The Prints List:

This blog was born during the 2010 holiday season out of a desire to share the books that I’ve read. Some of them impress me in such a way that I’d love to discuss with others but I can never ask people to read lengthy tomes since they have their own lives. I decided that a blog is the answer, since the medium facilitates sharing and generates conversations.

  1. Negative reviews. I mostly will review books that I’m crazy about since they’re the ones that get me the most excited to review. I’m going to try my best to review ALL books though, good, mediocre, or middling.
  2. Mostly fiction reviews. I read novels so the majority of the books here will be that. I can’t really get into non-fiction but I read them occasionally. You’ll see them pop up here and there but don’t expect them! I will disappoint, sadly.
  3. Genres. As for genres, I read across all. Here’s a partial listing of what you will find here at some point:
    Classics   | Chick Lit | Contemporary | Fantasy | Historical | Memoirs | Romance | Thrillers
  4. Spoilers abound. Since I like to have discussions about these books, there will be spoilers abound. Please take note that I’ll take care to write a generic nondescript excerpt (most of the time) before the jump so to give you the bare bones of what you need to know about the book, but after the jump, I’ll review them however I wish, so beware!
  5. Characters and themes. My reviews will tend to discuss whether I like the characters and the themes. Every review will vary on what that book has to offer but when it comes down to it, I’ll have some comments on these points, however short.
  6. Post structure. While I mentioned that my reviews will touch upon characters and themes, my post about each book will be broken down into five components: Rating, Length, Synopsis, Review and Verdict. All to make it easier for you to skim through to what you want to read. The Review and Verdict portions are almost always after the jump. This is so you’re not overwhelmed with too many words on the main page.

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