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The House on Fortune Street by Margot Livesey

Rating: 2/5 stars for the solid writing, but somehow I couldn’t relate.

I just finished reading this book by Margot Livesey called The House on Fortune Street. What a depressing book. It had good prose, very readable but the subject at hand…so awful.

It tells the story of four people, each of whom had done a terrible thing and were dealing with what happens afterward. It talks about mendacity (a word I picked up from this book), euthanasia, infidelity, and pedophilia. What a sad bunch of words.

I don’t like it. The writing is good but what a downer of a book. I didn’t relate to any of these people and I did not feel anything for them, except for one character who suffered the most. Though I can’t believe her reasoning: why did she do what she did? I didn’t buy it. It’s true that all kinds of things happen to all kinds of people but I couldn’t put myself in her shoes. Not the fault of the author. I just couldn’t relate. There are rave reviews on Amazon (here) so that might put things into perspective if you’re trying to decide whether to read this.